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 Nigerijska prevara (419) - socijalni inženjering

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Broj poruka : 2758
Datum upisa : 13.07.2013

Nigerijska prevara (419) - socijalni inženjering Empty
PočaljiNaslov: Nigerijska prevara (419) - socijalni inženjering   Nigerijska prevara (419) - socijalni inženjering Icon_minitime22/9/2014, 08:21

To ide slicno ovom:

"Dearest One.

My name is Daniel Mane from Ivory coast,I am the only Son of Mr Bamba Mane, I want you to help me and my younger sister invest our inheritance money in your country. I lost my mother at the age of 10, My father was poisoned to death during the 2011 war here in Cote D'Ivoire. Before the death of my late father he deposited the sum of euro 9.5 million in the Bank and he made me the beneficiary ( next of kin).

But due to the political problem here and the reason behind my parents death, I will not wish to invest here, So I want you to assist me transfer this fund to your country for investment purpose since the law of our country demand that I look for foreign partner because of my age at present.

As for your kind assistance, I am willing to offer you 10% of the total sum after the successful end of the transaction. Contact me back if you are interested in assisting me, I will give you more details on how to bring fruitful of this transfer and also the contacts of the bank where the money is deposited.

Warmest Regards,

Daniel Mane"
ili ovako:

"Dear friend,

I am Mr Abdul Khalifa, a solicitor at law. I have an important message for you concerning the death of my client in respect of his fund US$20 million he left behind in a bank here in my country (Ouagadougou Burkina Faso) so that i can front you as his kin so that you can apply for the claim of his estate while i back you up with information’s.

Please send your full name and address your private Email Address and phone number for more details and follow-up documentation to start off the claim.
I am seriously waiting for your urgent reply.

Incident site:http://newswww.bbc.net.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/oxfordshire/4537663.stm
1. Full name:.........
2. Current Address:.........
3. Telephone N°:...........
4. Occupation:.............
5. Age:............
6. Country:........


Traje odavno, a meni stize neko vreme.

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Broj poruka : 8809
Datum upisa : 04.08.2013
Godina : 56
Lokacija : Nedodjija:))

Nigerijska prevara (419) - socijalni inženjering Empty
PočaljiNaslov: Re: Nigerijska prevara (419) - socijalni inženjering   Nigerijska prevara (419) - socijalni inženjering Icon_minitime12/10/2014, 21:05

..da,upravo stizhe obaveshtenje da su vlasnici Telenor mrezhe ojadjeni,po Srbiji...stigne vam medjunarodni poziv,vi se javite a oni odrape..
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Nigerijska prevara (419) - socijalni inženjering
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